Bullet Twins Paracord – Pink



The perfect Accessoire for your Style! The modern Paracord Bracelet, modified with two 9MM Bullets, looks great and is practical. It consists of a long parachute rope made of high-quality and durable nylon which is used in the military, parachute sports and mountain sports. It is a compact, light-weight bracelet, which can always be carried with you.

Not only an extravagant bracelet, also a constantly available reserve of Paracord which can be of great use in emergency situations. The bracelet you can tie up and turn into a 2 and 1 meter long parachute rope.   The closure, also braided and thanks to the sizes of adjustability suitable for normal men’s hands or bear claws.

Made of Real shot Bullets!


Paracord = 100% Nylon

Bullet = 100% Copper (Leadfree)

Shell = 100% Brass (Nickelfree)



Bracelet Diameter: 41mm adjustability bis 50mm / Breite: ca. 23mm


Our jewelery consists of empty fired cartridge cases with knocked-off primers, so you can see that these are deactivated pieces that do not contain gunpowder.

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